Handcrafted Artisanal Tequila

  • 100% Highlands Weber Agave

    Serpiente For The Bold tequila is made with carefully selected, estate grown 100% Weber Blue Agave sourced from the Jalisco Highlands (known for it's rich red soil) when they've reached maturity after 6-8 years.

  • Traditional Stone Brick Hornos

    We utilize traditional slow-baking, brick ovens to cook the blue agave hearts.

  • Unique Fermentation & Distillation

    Fermentation is very slow, with a minimum of 120 hours, which gives us a more full bodied tequila flavor. The final step is our single batch, double distillation process that leaves us with a high quality, additive free tequila. 

  • One Of A Kind & Handmade

    Hand-blown by skilled glass artisans, our visually captivating glass bottles are each individually unique. With no two bottles being exactly the same.

  • Unparalleled Packaging

    Each Serpiente king cobra bottle is accompanied by its own snakeskin textured box. Complete with a cobra-shaped viewing window, satin-lined interior and magnetic clasp. Serpiente provides a total package unparalleled in the industry.



    Each bottle of Serpiente is enhanced with industry leading technology providing increased levels of production authentication & consumer interaction.